Lakeside - Arena-Essex Raceway

Arena-Essex Raceway, A1306 Arterial Road, Thurrock, Essex, England, RM19 1NX


01708 863443

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Our Impressions of Arena-Essex Raceway

Arena Essex is a large bowl-like arena surrounded on all sides by steep grass banks. On the home straight is a large roof known as the grandstand which protects you from the elements.

On the first bend is the clubhouse which houses a bar, restaurant, gift and food shops as well as the club offices. On the second bend is the pits with a walkway over them. The far side of the track is a few little 'shacks' for people to stand under at the back of the vast grassy bank. On bends three and four is a burger van and some toilets which is rarely populated on a race day with most fans gathering under the 'grandstand' on the home straight.

The speedway track is surrounded by a stock car track which doesn't give the best view in the world as not only are there the speedway fences but the large anti-tyre fences as well as the crash barriers for the stockcars. The club do however have air fences on the bends to protect the riders from serious injury if there is a crash.

Data supplied by Alan on 20th November 2002

Directions to Arena-Essex Raceway

By Road

From the North

Follow the M25 south to junction 30, and then follow the signs for the A1306. The slip road follows the M25 for about quarter of a mile, before approaching the main roundabout. Take the A1306 and the stadium is signposted from here. The stadiums main entrance is approached via another roundabout.

From the South

Follow the M25 through the Dartford tunnel and immediately upon exiting the tunnel, follow the A13 towards Dagenham and Granada services. You will descend to a roundabout where you should follow signs for Granada services / A1306. Then follow as above.
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