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Celtic Park (Formerly Parkhead), Kerrydale street, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland, G40 3RE


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Our Impressions of Celtic Park (Formerly Parkhead)

Celtic Park has a capacity of 60,982, but the record attendance was a massive 92,000 (v Rangers 1954). The ground consists of the following stands... North Stand, West Stand (Jock Stein Stand), East Stand (Lisbon Lions Stand), South Stand (Main Stand). Before the stadium's renovation the north stand was known as The Jungle.

The north stand has pillars near the back of the upper stanchion. This was because there is a grave site behind this stand and planning permission was not given by the council to allow the cantilever supports to overhang their land. So a shorter cantilever was used and pillars put in to give the added support. These pillars are a pain to anyone in the last ten rows all along the north stand. I used to sit in such a seat and it was murder to see some of the action. Happily I have moved to a better location near the halfway line and see everything now. Hanging from the east and west stand roofs are the new colour TV screens that have been billed as the largest in Europe.

The away crowd usually get the south-east corner which is part of the Lisbon Lions stand. This is also where the Police control room is situated. As you probably know our main rivals are Rangers and when they play here their fans are allocated this corner plus about half of the Lisbon Lion stand as well since they always bring 7000 with them. There is always a large gap between the fans so the capacity falls to around 58,000 for these games.

There are 96 wheelchair spaces for home fans and ten spaces for away fans. There are five disabled toilets in the North Stand and two in the East Stand. Celtic won an award in the summer of 1997 for the way it caters for the disabled. Only five clubs out of the 120 or so professional clubs in Britain actually won the award.

Best away fans I've seen at Parkhead are Aberdeen's. Win or lose (more often) they sing constantly. e.g. last season we were beating them 5-0 and then they scored a goal. For the rest of the game they chanted 'We're going to beat you 6-5!'. Best English fans that have come here include Liverpool, Man U and Newcastle. Liverpool especially get on well with us. Both sets of fans have 'You'll never walk alone' as their anthem so it was well noisy.

Above data supplied by Alan From Glasgow - 19th January 2001

Directions to Celtic Park (Formerly Parkhead)

By Road

From South

Follow the M74 North into Glasgow, stay on the M74 until it goes into the A74. Once this happens, follow the road for just over a mile and park your car.

From East

Get onto the M8 motorway. At Junction 8 of the M8, turn onto the M73 going south. Follow this for about a mile, then at M73 junction 1 turn onto the M74 going West/Northwest, and follow this for just over four miles before parking your car.

From North

Follow the M80, then the A80 Southbound until you reach junction 3 of the M73. Here turn onto the M73 due South for 6 miles. At junction 1 of the M73, turn onto the M74 due West/Northwest. After just over four miles on the M74, park your car.

From West

Follow the A8, then the M8 Eastwards until junction 19. Here, turn onto the A814 for 1/4 of a mile, due Eastwards. Then go straight onto the A89 due East for a mile, then carry straight on to the A749, travelling South-eastwards, for a mile. Turn left onto the A74 due east, and drive for about half a mile before parking. Once you have parked your car in each case, it is only a short walk to the ground.

By Train

Nearest stations to Parkhead are Parkhead, Dalmarnock, Bridgeton. Nearest British Rail station is Glasgow (funnily enough) on Queen Street. There are now plans to build a Celtic Park train station next to the ground.

Local Area around Celtic Park (Formerly Parkhead)

Car Parking

You won't get parked at the ground itself - it's a joke. We always park about quarter of a mile away and walk, leaving our cars to the fate of the 'watch-your-car-mister?' boys. Never had any trouble yet.
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