Chippenham Town Football Club - Hardenhuish Park

Hardenhuish Park, Chippenham, Wiltshire, England,

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Our Impressions of Hardenhuish Park

The ground is situated on Bristol road with some car parking space, the rest is on the roads around the ground. Admission was ?6 Adult last season, the ground has a covered terrace behind one goal ( fits 250 people in that stand I believe ) The main stand seats 250 also I think or is it 500? What ever the figure necessary to be in the DM Premiere is.

The top end is open with terracing and would probably hold 500 or so, it's a bit of an oddball of a ground but actually looks quite nice when it's got people in! There's food available as you enter but no nearby pubs, probably 500yds away on Audley road.
Chippenham were averaging around 700 spectators last year and broke through the 1000 barrier on several occasions. Believe it or not we had just over 3000 in the ground for the FA vase semi final.
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