Fleet Town Football Club - Calthorpe Park

Calthorpe Park, Crookham Road, Fleet, Hampshire, England, GU51 5FA

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Directions to Calthorpe Park

By Road

Fleets ground is a short distance from the town centre; as you come off the M3 Fleet turnoff, simply follow the signs to Fleet and you'll end up driving through the town centre high street. Simply drive through to the end where you'll come to an x road & traffic lights, the Wheatsheaf pub to your right & a garish Chinese restaurant to your left as you look ahead. Go straight over the lights; (you'll see a cop station on your left & fleet coaches to your right to act as land marks) you'll go down a hill & Fleet FC is on your right at the bottom of the hill. I've made it sound like miles, but Fleet FC is about 400 or 500 yards from the afore mentioned traffic lights! Data supplied by Tim C on 27th November 2002

Local Area around Calthorpe Park

Car Parking

Parking is impossible if you dont know the area. I do, and you should be ok parking up Leawood Road next right or you could use the town car parks & walk or park up the top of Branksomewood Road in the town centre & pay nothing!.
Data supplied by Tim C on 27th November 2002
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