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Edgar Street, Hereford, Herefordshire, England, HR4 9JU



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Our Impressions of Edgar Street

Edgar Street has been the home of Hereford United since the Club was formed in 1924.

The Merton Stand, with covered seating, offices, changing rooms and dugouts, runs along one side of the pitch. With windows close to the playing surface, it’s amazing the glass doesn’t get broken more often. Opposite is the cantilevered Cargill Stand (formerly called the Floors 2 Go Stand, earlier the Len Weston Stand) with terracing on the lower tier (views obscured by supporting pillars) and seating on the upper tier. Squeezed between the pitch and Edgar Street, it has just five rows of seats on the upper tier, all with limited legroom. The stand’s closeness to the pitch makes it difficult to see play close to the near touchline from the upper tier

The Meadow and Blackfriars ends behind the goals contain partly-covered terraces. The terracing is curved, a relict from the days when Edgar Street had an athletics track around the pitch. The Blackfriars end is falling into a state of disrepair with its capacity now reduced

Away fans are located on both tiers of the Cargill Stand, at the end next to the Blackfriars Terrace. If additional capacity is needed, Away fans are located in the Blackfriars Terrace, near to the Cargill Stand. This fragmentation doesn’t help Away fans trying to sing as one unit.

The pitch is one of the largest in the country, increased from its original size by turfing over the athletics track.

With the ground well past its prime, plans to move to a new ground were considered but dropped in favour of redevelopment. The current economic climate and small crowds mean progress is slow – only a new clock in the Cargill Stand so far.

All data supplied by Ian Townsend - 10th May 2009

Directions to Edgar Street

By Road

From North

Follow A49 Hereford Signs straight to Edgar Street.

From East

Take the A465 or A438 into Hereford, then follow signs for Leominster straight to Edgar Street.

From the South

Take the A49 or A45 to Town Centre, then follow signs for Leominster straight to Edgar Street.

From the West

Take the A438 into the Town Centre, then follow signs for Leominster straight to Edgar Street.

By Rail

The Railway station is about 5-10 minute walk away.

Local Area around Edgar Street

The area around the ground is mainly used for light industry with a small amount of housing.

Car Parking

There is a car park (small charge) for 1,000 cars right next to the ground, used by town centre visitors and football fans. With two exits / entrances and small match attendances, leaving is fairly quick compared to most football car parks. There are two more car parks near to the ground.

All data supplied by Ian Townsend - 10th May 2009

Pubs Near Edgar Street

Oxford Arms

A small but friendly pub in Widemarsh Street, with a beer garden backing on to the car park next to the ground. Sky sports TV. Very welcoming to football fans.


Towards the town centre, located on Newmarket Street at its junction with Widemarsh Street, about five minutes walk from the ground. A fairly small lager based pub.


This is the Club bar in the Merton Stand, open before and after the game to both home and away fans.

Fast Food Near Edgar Street

In and around the ground

There are several outlets in the town centre, a five to ten minutes walk from the ground, including the Crispy Cod (Union Street), Shepherds Coffee Bar (Widemarsh Street), McDonald’s and Subway (both in Commercial Road). Usual football fayre is served to Away fans from a small hut in the ground.

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