Long Melford - Stoneylands

Stoneylands, New Road, Long Melford, Suffolk, England, CO10 9JY


01787 312187

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Directions to Stoneylands

By Road

Long Melford is 3 miles north of Sudbury (A134) - buses every 30 mins or more frequently. The ground is signposted 'Sports Ground' from the main street (Little St. Marys/Hall Street) at the southern end of Long Melford. Take either Liston Lane or St Catherine's Road (on left if approaching from Sudbury - or right if approaching from Bury St. Edmunds/Haverhill direction). At the bottom of either of these roads turn right and New Road w ill be straight ahead of you. Stoneylands can then be found on your right. Data supplied by Keith Slater - 25th October 2002
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