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Field Mill Ground, Quarry Lane, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England, NG18 5DA





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Our Impressions of Field Mill Ground

Mansfield Town have spent over £5 million on Field Mill over the last two year, so obviously there are many improvements. The stadium now has a capacity of 10000, and offer all seater accommodation. During the improvements, three of the four stands (North Stand, Quarry Lane and West stand), have all been rebuilt or re-developed. The North and Quarry Lane stands are located behind the goals, and are identical. These are both single tiered, and can accommodate approx. 1800 seated fans.

The West stand is located along the side of the pitch, and is the jewel in the Mansfield crown. This stand holds approx 5,500 fans, and is a two tiered stand, that offers excellent facilities.

The remaining (Bishop Street) stand, has yet to be redeveloped, and is not is the say class as the rest of the ground. This stand in comparison is small, only runs for half the length of the pitch, and is obviously rather dated. Despite this, the facilities offered are OK, and at least the stand is fully covered, and offers seating.

The away fans are usually located in the Quarry Lane End, which is one of the new stands (yeah I know, we were impressed as well, as were expecting to be in the older Bishop Street stand). Obviously, as one of the new stands, the facilities and the views are excellent.

When we last visited Field Mill, we found the stadium to offer excellent overall facilities, and the town of Mansfield also offered a friendly & welcoming atmosphere.

Directions to Field Mill Ground

By Road

From the North, South and West Exit the M1 at junction 28, and follow the A38 towards Mansfield. Follow the A38 through eight (... yes 8!!) sets of traffic lights, which is identifiable by now having a very large B&Q store and look out for the silly windmill thing at this junction. Make sure that you are in one of the two right hand lanes for the right turn into Sheepbridge Lane (...signposted Football Ground).

By Train

Field Mill is only about a 10 minute walk from the station. On exiting the station, follow the signs to Stockwell Gate and the bus station. Turn left along the dual carriageway (heading away from the Town Centre). Continue straight on at the first set of traffic lights, along Portland Street, and then turn right at the next set of traffic lights into Quarry Lane.

Local Area around Field Mill Ground

Car Parking

There is a car part located at the ground that hold around 250 cars. This is a secure place to park, but if you are looking for a quick exit, then this may not be the one for you.

There are also a car park located on Nottingham Road. It's supposed to be the car park for the customers of the The Early Doors pub, MFI, PC World, and Currys but seems to be a footie car park on match days. This is very popular, so arrive early for this one. A little further along Nottingham Road, there is is retail park containing Walkers Bingo, the ABC Cinema and Safeway. It's on the same side of the road as the Early Doors car park. They all have large car parks.

We don't recommend that you use the Safeway car park, as there is a sign saying 'This car park is free for Safeway customers. A charge of £5.00 per hour will be made on non-Safeway customers', so beware!

There is also some side street parking on Highfield Way, and Bradder Way.
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