Plymouth Argyle Football Club - Home Park

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Directions to Home Park

By Road

If entering from the north or east then you need to take the main Plymouth junction on the A38. This is about 1/4 from the initial flyover when you enter Plymouth. Continue over the flyover, under the next roundabout and take the next large turning - it is sign posted 'Home Park - Plymouth Argyle'. From there take the second exit off the roundabout - heading towards the city centre (If arriving from the west or south - take the 5th or last exit off the roundabout). From there, continue down 'Outland Road' from about 3/4 of a mile. The ground will quickly come into view on the left hand side after a sports club. Take the left turn immediately after the car park and a second left will take you into the car park (if you turn right towards the 'Mayflower Sports Centre' then additional parking can be found next to the building).

By Rail

On exiting the station, turn right and continue down the hill, under the railway bridge to 'Pennycomequick' roundabout. Continue up the hill on the other side of the roundabout. There is a park on the right after about 200 yards and there is a footpath to Home Park signposted. Alternatively, you can get a bus to 'Milehouse' to save the walk.

By Bus

You will arrive in Bretonside Bus Station. Proceed through the station and up onto the main road above. Turn left and walk to the roundabout (called 'St. Andrew's Cross'). From there take the third exit more or less straight ahead - onto 'Royal Parade'. From here you will need to catch a bus to 'Milehouse' from one of the many bus stands - you may need to ask someone which one. Alternatively you can walk halfway down 'Royal Parade' and take the large right into 'Armada Way' (between MVC and Dingles). Continue up to the top of 'Armada Way' - right through the city centre. Take the subway under the roundabout and bear right. You should leave the subway just in front of the road leading to the station - you can then follow the 'By rail' instructions above.

By Rail

The closest station to Home Park is Plymouth, which is about a 20 minute walk up a very long hill!
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